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Hesse event calendars

hessen event calendar

In Hesse there are many events which make your vacation an unforgettable experience. Visit one of many cultural events, a theatre, concert or simply dive into the known nightlife in this nice region. Here you find a small choice of eventcalendars from Hesse.


Weilburger Schlosskonzerte
Every year in June and July, giving international soloists and orchestra at the International Music Festival Because Burger Palace Concerts the jack in the hand. Every season is offered at over 40 concerts in and around the Weilburg Castle Musical at the top level. Renowned soloists, including Echo Klassik and Grammy Award winner, as well as aspiring music artists with international orchestras. The musical spectrum ranges from the evening to the symphony orchestra and piano from early music to jazz.


Kultursommer Nordhessen
The four Hessian Cultural Summer characterize the event landscape in Hesse during the summer months. Here you can link to the culture by means summer Hesse, Culture and Cultural Summer Summer Südhessen Main-Kinzig Fulda reach. Summer of Culture Northern Hesse is one of the successful cultural initiatives in Hesse and is not an indispensable part of our region's cultural calendar.


Darmstädter Boulevard und Kindertheater Komödie Tap
Tap the comedy, the Darmstadt Boulevard and Children's Theatre was founded in 1960 by Dieter Rummel as "Studio 60". In the evening program comedies and comedies are on the board. Performances are Wednesdays through Saturdays at 20.15 and Sundays at 18.00 clock clock. Special performances for corporate or family events can be booked by arrangement. Tap the evening program changes every three to four months.


Bad Homburger Volksbühne
The Volksbühne one of the oldest, most active and successful Hessian amateur theater groups. She has over 85 years thereafter in respect of the tradition and progressive spirit of the theater play maintained and shaping the cultural development in our city impressive. The stage has become popular in Bad Homburg an indispensable factor of culture.


Jazzclub Rödermark
Come in and enjoy the atmosphere of jazz cellar and make you feel like in the strongholds of jazz in New Orleans. We offer an extensive program of concerts from all the classic jazz styles. The spectrum ranges from New Orleans over Chicago and Dixieland jazz to swing and mainstream. In addition, boogie and blues and the music of the Sinti and Roma. Not to mention the wide range of Latin American rhythms and Cajun Music.


Internationale Theater Frankfurt
Guest performances from around the world are currently under professional conditions on the stage of the International Theatre listed in the native culture of the artist: speech, song, dance and concerts, as well as non-verbal forms of representation, readings and films as well as occasionally accompanying exhibitions. Every year there are 150 shows with 100 guest appearances from 25 cultures. About 660 actors and musicians are on stage every year, of which nearly a third come from abroad and the rest from all over Germany.


Rheingau Musik Festival
Since 1987, the Rheingau Music Festival attracts an audience in the region between Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Lorch. The wide range of programming has its main focus though on the so-called classical music, but also extends to jazz and cabaret. The high artistic quality of all concerts is the unifying aspect of all events.