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Hotel garni in Frankfurt am Main Anna Hotel

Anna Hotel (Frankfurt am Main) garage cyclist-friendly smoking secluded tv set
house description:
Hotel Anna is conveniently located in the heart of Frankfurt, just 8 min. walk from Frankfurt Central Station. Shopping and restaurants close to the hotel. Free parking for minibuses and vans.
pricing conditions:
Our best offer is accommodation for mechanics and construction companies from 20 € per person at least 2 persons per night, showers in the hallway and always including rich breakfast. Normal room rates are for single room 50 EUR, 2 bed rooms 65 EUR and 3 bed rooms 95 EUR During fair periods are different prices and terms!

booking request
Hotel garni
min. price: 20.00 €
categorisation: **
beds: 110
journey description:
garage, cyclist-friendly, smoking room, secluded, tv set,
Anna Hotel
FRA Hotelbetrieb und Pension GmbH
Lärchenstrasse 95
65933 Frankfurt am Main
phone: 069 / 380140
fax: 069 / 38014111
email: send inquiry